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FreshToHome to Invest Rs 1K crore in Telangana

Shan Kadavil, Co-Founder, FreshtoHome

Hyderabad: FreshToHome (FTH), the world’s largest fully integrated e-commerce platform for fresh fish, meat, and seafood, has announced fresh investments in a phased outlay of up to Rs 1,000 crore in Telangana.

In the next five years, FreshToHome will deploy funds to strengthen its presence across the state that has the largest percentage of meat consumers with more than 98% of its population consuming non-veg. Studies reveal that the average per capita consumption of non-veg is 1.4 kilos per month in Telangana.

An investment-friendly hub, Telangana is one of the high traction customer bases in South India. In the last two quarters alone, FreshToHome has witnessed 6x growth in Hyderabad and has been successfully acquiring new customers month-on-month both at online and offline touchpoints.

Shan Kadavil, Co-Founder, FreshToHome, said, “Telangana is one of the fastest-growing states in India, and is a huge potential market for FreshToHome. We will, directly and indirectly, invest in capabilities that will help us serve our customers in distribution, cold chain, and sourcing capabilities. Our recent growth in Telangana is propelled by customer feedback who are choosing ‘100% fresh, 0% chemical’ formalin-free fish, seafood, and antibiotic residue-free and chemical-free meat. There is a market appetite for players like us and we will strive to leverage our core strengths to serve more customers in newer geographies in the shortest span.”

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‘We will not participate in the 10-minute or 15-minute delivery race’

Shan Kadavil, Co-Founder, FreshtoHome

The online meat ordering and delivery market in India has been growing in leaps and bounds over the last few years, with the coronavirus pandemic giving the startups in the segment a major boost. D2C meat and seafood startup FreshToHome, which completed its last fundraising at the end of 2019 — the largest Series C fund-raise in Indian food tech — and is purportedly eyeing a Series D funding round at a post-money valuation of over $1 billion, has become rather aggressive in its expansion and communication drive in recent months. Shan Kadavil, co-founder, spoke to Alokananda Chakraborty about its recent moves.

E-commerce players, especially those in the food business, are in a race to deliver orders as quickly as possible. You already have a 90-minute delivery option; can you go any faster? What sort of capabilities do you need to shorten the delivery window?

We work with our partners to deliver in under 90 minutes, and 60 minutes in some regions, which we are certain is the optimal time to deliver with customer convenience and the safety of our delivery executives in mind. We are working on bringing down the 90-minute option to 60 minutes, and in the next 12 months, we target to reach this in all regions. However, we will not be participants in the 10-minute or 15-minute race game. Furthermore, the use of technology has been game-changing for us for demand planning in geographies, routes, and ETA (estimated time of arrival) of orders.

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FreshToHome announces investments upto ₹1,000 crore in Telangana

Shan Kadavil, Co-Founder, FreshtoHome

Leading e-commerce platform for fresh fish, meat, and seafood — FreshToHome (FTH) — on 23 June announced fresh investments in a phased outlay of up to 1,000 crore in Telangana.

The platform aims to deploy funds to strengthen its presence across the state that has the largest percentage of meat consumers with more than 98 per cent of its population consuming non-veg. As per study in Telangana, the average per capita consumption of non-veg is 1.4 kilos per month.

FreshToHome expects to clock revenues of ₹1,500-2,000 crore in FY23

Shan Kadavil, Co-Founder, FreshtoHome

Clocking in promising revenue growth last year, FreshToHome, a direct-to-customer meat and seafood start-up, expects to continue growing its revenue base in FY23. The company told BusinessLine that it expects to reach a turnover of ₹1,500-2,000 crore in FY23.

“We are the largest company in this segment, both in terms of revenue as well as orders. Last year, our revenue figures stood at ₹1,200 crore, which we expect to reach ₹1,500-2,000 crore in FY23,” said Shan Kadavil, CEO and founder, FreshToHome. The company receives a total of 2.5 million orders every month, across all categories.

Kadavil said that there are plans to expand both nationally and internationally. On a national front, the company is building itself as a retail major.

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Russia-Ukraine War: Geopolitical Tensions Do Not Have Any Impact On Indian Fish Imports

Mathew Joseph, COO, Co-Founder, FreshtoHome

The Indian fisheries sector has witnessed dramatic growth in recent years, making India one of the largest producers of fish and fish products in the world. Currently, India is the third-largest fish-producing country in the world and accounts for 7.96 per cent of global production.

According to the ministry of fisheries, animal husbandry and dairying, government of India, “The fisheries sector has been recognized as the ‘Sunrise Sector’ and has demonstrated an outstanding double-digit average annual growth of 10.87 per cent since 2014-15.”

In FY21, the total fish production in India was around 14.73 million tonne (MT) with a contribution of 11.25 MT from the inland sector and 3.48 MT from the marine sector. Statistically, India’s per capita consumption of fish and meat products stands around 4-7 kilograms per annum, while the global numbers are 20 kg per annum.

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‘Surprising to see how quickly smaller cities have adapted to ordering meat online’: FreshToHome cofounder

Shan Kadavil, Co-Founder, FreshtoHome

How far would you go to get your fish curry and rice right? Some like Shan Kadavil start their own company. Co-founder of FreshToHome, Kadavil started the meat and seafood e-commerce platform when his fish supplier shut shop. Since then, he’s promised to make fresh non-vegetarian ingredients available in every corner of the country. And now, he’s hungry to grow.

In an exclusive chat with Storyboard18, Kadavil shares the company’s plans for expansion and reducing delivery time, focusing on ready-to-eat options, and roping in Ranveer Singh for a campaign.

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FreshToHome’s Shan Kadavil on creating mini CEOs in the firm

Much before pandemic forced everyone to work remotely, FreshToHome, the meat, seafood and fresh produce e-tailer had embraced the flexi-work model. “I can no longer boast about it since most organisations have embraced it now,” says Shan Kadavil, the company’s founder. The model has worked well for him considering he lives “out of a suitcase right now” – Kadavil has been flitting between the company’s headquarters in Bengaluru and its office in Dubai.

In an interview, Kadavil speaks to Lounge about measuring passion, encouraging team leads to become entrepreneurial,  and his experiments with plant based meat. Edited excerpts:

Who do you consider your mentor and why? 

I am strongly influenced by the vision of Mark Pincus, a popular entrepreneur in Silicon valley, and founder of a number of large companies such as Zynga. He was also my former boss and is a mentor and investor of FreshToHome. Mark is a visionary and his belief in the capabilities of human beings is exceptional. He sincerely believed anyone who dared to dream big will be successful if he/ she is passionate about chasing their dreams without micro-managing them or limiting their potential.

How FreshToHome is Integrating Emergent Technologies To Improve Supply Chain Efficiencies

Shan Kadavil, Founder, FreshtoHome

The last few years have seen major developments within the dairy and meat sector, particularly concerning the supply chain side of things. If you are someone who likes to get daily essentials of meat and dairy to be available at your home in time, chances are you have heard of these start-ups FreshToHome, Licious, Zappfresh, Grubmarket, Farmdrop, Peapod, and

These are dairy and meat delivery start-ups that have come up in the last ten years which have pioneered new changes in the supply chain like sourcing materials directly from fishermen and farmers. Bengaluru-based FreshToHome has been working to up the ante by bringing in newer technologies to make the entire supply more efficient.

“Our technology-enabled platform ensures that middlemen are cut out and the product reaches the end consumer within 24 -36 hours,” said Shan Kadavil, Co-Founder and CEO, FreshToHome. “We have incorporated technology to the length and breadth of our business, right from sourcing to supply chain to our delivery mechanism.”

The meat and dairy industry is largely unregulated with a serious lack of transparency. A typical fish supply chain, for instance, in India has over three middlemen which take at least 3-4 days to reach the end-user.

FreshToHome’s platform uses AI-based technology (called Commodities Exchange) that allows fishermen or farmer to electronically auction their produce – this is the primary way in which their supply chain is crafted.

The company also claims to guarantee an around-the-clock cold chain that keeps the products within a range of 0-4 degrees through IoT-based inbuilt sensors. Additionally, over 120 checks during the process, including for standard chemicals, antibiotics, and preservatives make sure that the customers get the best stuff.

“This is a tough task to accomplish for our competitors who buy from vendors in the city,” Kadavil added.

Currently, the company is at a revenue base of around Rs 1,000 crore.

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FreshToHome to expand in Maharashtra

FreshToHome, fully integrated online brand in fresh fish and meat e-commerce, plans to make available its product offerings in over 10 cities and enabling the setup of 25 new Powered-By- FreshToHome stores in Maharashtra. Freshtohome is available in Kolhapur, Nashik, Aurangabad, Pune, Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Ahmednagar, Sangli, Satara & Karad. Shan Kadavil, founder, FreshToHome said, “FreshToHome had entered Maharashtra /AP market in 2019. Given the market’s great potential and the rise in demand for quality meat and seafood, we aim to delight our customers with products at affordable rates and at their convenience.”

FreshToHome to expand to 56 cities in 24 months

Shan Kadavil, Founder, FreshtoHome

Fresh To Home, the e-commerce firm which focuses on delivering fresh fish, and meat, plans to expand to 56 cities across India in the next 24 months. The Bangalore based firm which recently raised $ 121 million (about Rs 890.8 crore) in a funding round led by Investment Corporation of Dubai, Investcorp, Ascent Capital, DFC, Allana Group and other investors recently, said that it aims to become a billion dollar company in terms of revenue in the next five years.

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