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Russia-Ukraine War: Geopolitical Tensions Do Not Have Any Impact On Indian Fish Imports

Mathew Joseph, COO, Co-Founder, FreshtoHome The Indian fisheries sector has witnessed dramatic growth in recent years, making India one of the largest producers of fish and fish products in the world. Currently, India is the third-largest fish-producing country in the world and accounts for 7.96 per cent of global production. According to the ministry of fisheries, animal husbandry and dairying, government of India, “The fisheries sector has been recognized as the ‘Sunrise Sector’ and has demonstrated an outstanding double-digit average annual growth of 10.87 per cent since 2014-15.” In FY21, the total fish production in India was around 14.73 million tonne (MT) with a contribution of 11.25 MT from the inland sector and 3.48 MT from the marine sector. Statistically, India’s per capita consumption of fish and meat products stands around 4-7 kilograms per annum, while the global numbers are 20 kg per annum. <Read More>  

Premium Boneless Chicken Breast Fillet

For people who love the uncomplicated…Pan ready, no hassle form of chicken with zero bones. Heat, steam, fry, grill – Indian, Chinese, Continental. Naturally reared birds that are tender and have extremely tasty meat. Absolute guarantee that no anti-biotic residue remains in the chicken. No growth promoters have been used on the birds and these are processed in absolutely modern hygienic conditions in a HACCP & Halal certified processing centre.

Quail / Kaada (Japanese) – Mini Pack (pack of 2 whole cleaned birds)

Quail / Kaada (Japanese) – Mini Pack (pack of 2 whole cleaned birds)  is now available at Quail is an amazingly tasty meat that has been referenced even in ancient holy scriptures from time immemorial. Relatively low Cholesterol/Fat & healthy meat, Quail is a treasure dove of micronutrients & a wide range of vitamins including the B complex, folate and vitamin A, E and K. Best eaten fried or grilled with the bone