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Reefcod fun facts!

The Reefcod is one fish that has a huge variety of names – Reefcod, Kalava, Grouper, Hammour & more, but just as tasty regardless of what you call it. While this fish looks pretty ferocious, the meat is pretty soft and has relatively less bones, check out pictures of a “small” reefcod caught from the Cochin waters. In the Reefcod world, size is very relative – a small Reefcod could be 1-2 kg in weight whereas big Reefcods could be larger than 10-20 Kg. The ones caught from the Kerala waters are particularly tasty with a very soft meat   Fun facts: The Yellow Spotted variety of the Reefcod is called Hammour and is a very sought after fish in the arab countries and is extremely expensive there. Share: