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Butter Fish / Punnarameen Fun facts!

  Until recently the butter fish had a very low demand in India since the local market was not aware of it’s taste. However this fish was a boon for the Fish Exporters since the cost outside India is equal to seer fish or higher, thanks to it’s amazing taste. The Butter fish has really soft meat, and hence is aptly called as Butter Fish due to the tenderness of the meat. The fish itself is very fragile with very little bones. Share:

Reefcod fun facts!

The Reefcod is one fish that has a huge variety of names – Reefcod, Kalava, Grouper, Hammour & more, but just as tasty regardless of what you call it. While this fish looks pretty ferocious, the meat is pretty soft and has relatively less bones, check out pictures of a “small” reefcod caught from the Cochin waters. In the Reefcod world, size is very relative – a small Reefcod could be 1-2 kg in weight whereas big Reefcods could be larger than 10-20 Kg. The ones caught from the Kerala waters are particularly tasty with a very soft meat   Fun facts: The Yellow Spotted variety of the Reefcod is called Hammour and is a very sought after fish in the arab countries and is extremely expensive there. Share: