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Dear Friends

Thank you for your continued support for – India’s first eCommerce company focused on delivering fresh chemical free seafood at your doorsteps. Well, we had a bit of changes lately – for a while now, we had to stop our operations during to various reasons. I won’t bore you with the details, but we are glad to let you know that we have restarted our operations starting in Bangalore with a much bigger and better brand –  . We remain steadfast in our vision to provide fresh and chemical free food to you. We will be starting our operations with seafood but eventually would love to get in to organic fruits and vegetables as well, hence the renewed brand

Thank you for being our loyal customers, our goal remains the same – fresh chemical free food at your doorsteps! As you probably know, the “Fresh” fish that you get in the market today is likely to be anywhere from a week to 6 months old and is also likely to be drenched in preservatives such as Ammonia, Chlorine or Formalin (yes the same chemical used in mortuaries to preserve cadavers!). Our promise to you is Fresh chemical free fish that is caught a day or so before delivering to your doorsteps. We are able to do this by cutting out the middle men and directly procuring the day’s catch from the smaller fishermen and delivering it to you instantly – cut, cleaned and ready to be cooked with only crushed ice added for packaging and with a taste that is out of this world! Check out for more details.

We currently are taking orders at Your old user name and password remains the same – you can either use the same password or register in as a new user. Please use the forgot password link if you would like us to resend you the password. For any assistance please call us on +919880598989 or +919880628337 or email us at If you have a purchase related question, please have your purchase code handy before speaking to our cheerful customer care personnel. Don’t hesitate to call us for any questions that you may have.

Together we can create a world of Fresh and Chemical Free food!

Mathew Joseph



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