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Baby Sardines @


We have been getting a number of emails from fish lovers in Bangalore on supplying Baby Sardines @ We finally managed to deliver Baby Sardines in the last two weeks and the response was just amazing (thank you dear customers!)

However not every thing went right with some of the deliveries and many customers ended up getting the fish with the bellies open – Baby Sardines are very hard to supply to towns that are far from the main coasts which is one of the big reasons why you don’t seem them in the local Bangalore market very often. Unless of course you drench them in Ammonia to make them firm and fully preserved which we don’t do! Baby Sardines (especially the ones we sourced in the last couple of days) were full of nutritious fish oil and also very small in size. Good news is that the taste is just out of the world if you are a Sardine lover! Bad news is its very hard to get the fish to stay in one piece as we transport them from Cochin to Bangalore in the train and even though we take great care to pack them extremely well, a small weight on the fish will push its belly out. Consistent with our strict quality policy, we are very happy to refund the costs if you had this issue. Please let us know through

That said, we have been receiving a number of emails insisting that we continue the Baby Sardines despite these issues. Subject to availability, we will endeavour to do the same. We should also be able to mitigate the issue in the near future as we start a processing centre closer to Bangalore. That way we can do an additional level of sorting once the material comes in to Bangalore. Please let us know your thoughts



  1. Mahesh says

    Even if it is slightly damaged, it tastes great. I have fully stopped buying local fish. Fish tastes like the ones I used to have wheni was a boy where I had only fish straight from the coast on the same day. Please supply fresh fish as it is.

  2. UNNI P R says


    tasted your kilimeen…. super fresh… thanks for your supply…. decided to stop buying local fish… referred to many of my friends also…. the only disappointing news is that you don’t have supply to some places even within the city….. please increase your network…. supply for the first order and then stop if not feasible to you…….


    • FreshToHome Team says

      Thank you Sir, yes we are trying to expand our network to include all places in Bangalore as soon as possible.

  3. FreshToHome Team says

    Thank you all for the wonderful response. This motivates us to go forward with the endeavour to bring you fresh fish from the sea!

  4. Lisa Josy says

    After a long 6months gap we happened to buy fish from your port… was awesome to have the fresh fish at our doorstep…Actually we were told by our physician not have fish as it was a ‘Chem fish’…my children were suffering from lot of allergic problems due to the ‘Chem fish’..After cooking the local fish it used to give out some sort of nasty smell that will make you reluctant to use it..
    The fish from your port was very tasty and the smell was also good…This is a very good step taken by your team…Keep it up….
    A small request : Could you please expand your advertisement through other media like newspaper,magazines etc, so that people will become aware of your team…

  5. Jayaram DM says

    You can see I place two orders every week.. Your website is a treat for every seafood fish eater and lover.
    I ordered Green Mussel .. I must say heavenly! Thank you. Keep up the good work .We love you.

    Just one concern and two requests though
    1) for most of the fish varieties it seems like you run out of certain “cuts” or “whole”.. do you cut and clean before you get the orders,?
    2)Also you should give more options in terms of buying quantity increments like say minimum o.5 kg but increments of 0.25kgs especially for say peeled prawns, fish steaks cur/ curry cut etc .
    3)Lastly any chance of having anchovies/ sardines etc “whole cleaned” ? While we love those varieties, rest assured we in Bangalore don’t have the wherewithal to clean them or do we have patience (charge for cleaning if you like please)

    • FreshToHome Team says

      Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your immense support. We value your relationship with us and looking forward to serve you in the best possible way. As for the feed back you provided:-

      1. Yes Sir, we do cut and clean the fish before we get the order, hence some of the “cuts” may not be available.
      2. Thank you for your valuable suggestion. We apologise for not being able to offer you this service. Unfortunately lower quantity increments are currently less feasible in terms of cost and complexity with large orders.
      3. We do offer whole cleaned versions for both anchovies and sardines. Only small types of these fish are offered whole, because of the labor intensive process. We are actively working towards offering the cleaned version in future.

      We are working hard to improve our service day by day to give you a wonderful buying experience online.

      • M V PAPPACHAN says

        dear sir ,Two days back I place two orders to you ,item no 1 kanambu no 2 Anchovy large cleaned .yesterday I received the items . But you supplied 1/2kg large&1/2kg small one Amount you took Rs 400/ -why this happen ?

        • FreshToHome Team says

          Dear Sir,

          We apologise for the inconvenience caused. For immediate action please call our customer care number +91-9880598989/
          +91-7022631166 or please write to .Our support team will contact you soon.

          Freshtohome team

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