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Baby Sardines @

We have been getting a number of emails from fish lovers in Bangalore on supplying Baby Sardines @ We finally managed to deliver Baby Sardines in the last two weeks and the response was just amazing (thank you dear customers!)

However not every thing went right with some of the deliveries and many customers ended up getting the fish with the bellies open – Baby Sardines are very hard to supply to towns that are far from the main coasts which is one of the big reasons why you don’t seem them in the local Bangalore market very often. Unless of course you drench them in Ammonia to make them firm and fully preserved which we don’t do! Baby Sardines (especially the ones we sourced in the last couple of days) were full of nutritious fish oil and also very small in size. Good news is that the taste is just out of the world if you are a Sardine lover! Bad news is its very hard to get the fish to stay in one piece as we transport them from Cochin to Bangalore in the train and even though we take great care to pack them extremely well, a small weight on the fish will push its belly out. Consistent with our strict quality policy, we are very happy to refund the costs if you had this issue. Please let us know through

That said, we have been receiving a number of emails insisting that we continue the Baby Sardines despite these issues. Subject to availability, we will endeavour to do the same. We should also be able to mitigate the issue in the near future as we start a processing centre closer to Bangalore. That way we can do an additional level of sorting once the material comes in to Bangalore. Please let us know your thoughts


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