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Majestic Scampi


The Majestic Scampi (Aattukonchu/Golda Chingdi/Jinga) is now available at Our scampi’s are on the average 150 gms in size and are sought after by fish connoisseurs and the premium hotels. July/August is the best season to buy Scampi’s since they are generally cheaper at this time given higher availability. Typical pricing in the site is between 800 gms to 900 gms, whereas if you go to a premium restaurant, the cooked version will cost you any where from 2000 INR to 3000 INR. It’s considered a delicacy similar to the Lobster. We recommend that you buy Scampi whole since its pretty easy to clean (also its a work of art really and you should see it in whole to appreciate it). Please try it out and give us your feedback – generally limited availability.



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