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  •   Green Mussels / Kallumakkaya Meat (Boiled and un-cleaned)  
      River Sole / Vaka Varal  
     Anchovy / Kozhuva / Natholi (Small & Crunchy)  
     Anchovy / Natholi (Large)  
     Backwater Mix Fish  
     Backwater Mix Fish (Small)  
     Backwater Stinging Catfish / Kaari  
     Backwater Vayambu (Small and Crunchy) (Whole)  
     Barracuda / Cheelavu (Extra Small)  
     Barracuda / Cheelavu (Large) - Head & Tail - Curry Cut (Large Size)  
     Barracuda / Cheelavu (Small)  
     Big Eye Snapper (Small)  
     Big Sized Shrimp Meat  
     Black Anchovy / Karutha Kozhuva / Natholi (Small & Crunchy)  
     Black Leather Jacket / Adu  
     Black Pomfret / Karutha Avoli (Large)  
     Black Pomfret / Karutha Avoli (Small)  
     Black Snapper / Karipetti Fillet - 220g+ Pack (Freshly Frozen)  
     Bleekers Threadfin Bream  
     Blue Swimming Crab (Small)  
     Boal Fish / Attu Vaala  
     Chinese Herring / Palva (Hilsa like fish)  
     Chinese Rohu / Kayal Chemballi  
     Clam Meat / Kakka (Medium)  
     Clam Whole  
     Climbing Perch / Koi (in Bengali) / Karoop  
     Cobia / Motha (Small)  
     Cochin Freshwater Catla  
     Cooked Shrimp (IQF)  
     Country Duck Dressed with Tasty Skin  
     Cutter Fish  
     Cuttle Fish  
     Cuttle Fish (2 / 4)  
     Cuttle fish (20 / 40)  
     Cuttle Fish (700g / tray)  
     Delicious Stingray / Thirandi (Will have strong smell, read description)  
     Dry Barracuda / Cheelavu - 250g Pack  
     Dry Bombay Duck Fish  
     Dry Kada Varaal / Lizard Fish - 100g Pack  
     Dry Large Anchovy/Natholi - 100g Pack  
     Dry Large Sole / Manthal - 100g Pack  
     Dry Mackerel / Ayala - 100g Pack  
     Dry Nank Fish - 100g Pack  
     Dry Pondhy - 100g Pack  
     Dry Prawns pack  
     Dry Sardine / Mathi - 100g Pack  
     Dry Shark - 250g Pack  
     Dry Small Anchovy/ Natholi  
     Dry Small Sole / Manthal - 100g Pack  
     Dry Snake Head Fish / Varaal / Bral - 100g Pack  
     Dry Squid / Koonthal Tentacles - 100g Pack  
     Dry Squid / Koonthal Tubes - 100g Pack  
     Dry White Fish / False Trevally / Parava - 100g Pack  
     Emperor / Eari  
     Emperor / Eari (Small)  
     Exotic Oyster Meat / Muru-irachi (Great taste)  
     False Pomfret / Bheeman Avoli  
     False Pony Fish / Parava Mullan  
     False Silver Biddy / Keshakkan Pranjil  
     False White Sardine / Small Nandan (Thorny, great for fry)  
     Finletted Mackerel / Kanni Ayala (Small)  
     Fish Head and Tail - Curry Cut  
     Flower Tiger Shrimp  
     Free Range Happy Country Chicken / Nattu Koli (Skinless) (Very sought after delicacy)  
     Free Range Happy Country Chicken / Nattu Koli (With Skin) (Very sought after delicacy)  
     Free Range Kadaknath Country Chicken / Nattu Koli (Skinless)  
     Free Range Kadaknath Country Chicken / Nattu Koli (With Skin) (Very sought after delicacy)  
     Free-Range Chicken Gizzard  
     Free-Range Chicken Liver  
     Fresh Crab Meat - 235g to 250g Pack (Freshly Frozen)  
     Fresh Extra Small Prawns (300+ count/kg)  
     Fresh Indian Valah / Pangasius Bocourti  
     Fresh Prawns / Kucho Chingdi (300+ count/kg)  
     Fresh Water Milk Fish / Kayal Poomeen  
     Freshwater Anchovy / Kozhuva / Natholi  
     Freshwater Garfish / Kayal Kolan (Extra Small)  
     Freshwater Mullet / Kayal Kanni  
     Freshwater Mullet / Kayal Kanni (Large)  
     Freshwater Red Snapper / Chempalli  
     Freshwater Sole Fish / Elachil  
     Freshwater Stingray / Thirandi (Will have strong smell, read description)  
     Freshwater Trevally / Vatta  
     Garfish / Kola (Extra Small)  
     Glass Spot / Banda  
     Goby / Poolan / Bele Mach  
     Goldspotted Anchovy / Mandeli  
     Grass Carp / Pullan  
     Gray Emperor / Peachee  
     Gray Snapper  
     Gray Snapper (Large)  
     Great Indian White Prawns / Indian Naaran (Wild Caught) (Small)  
     Green Jobfish / Large Snapper  
     Green Mussel / Kallummekkaya - Whole With Shell (Read the product description carefully)  
     Greenbacks / Scaled sardine / Kanna Mathi  
     Grey Mullet / Thirutha  
     Grey Mullet / Thirutha (Small)  
     Grouper / Reef Cod / Kalava (Small)  
     Grouper / Reef Cod / Kalava - Head Curry Cut  
     Healthy Aloo Paratha (Wheat) - Pack of 3 Parathas  
     Healthy Chicken Kheema Wheat Paratha - Pack of 3 Parathas  
     Healthy Duck Eggs  
     Hilsa / Ilish (from Kolkata) (150g to 300g)  
     Hilsa / Ilish (from Kolkata) (300g to 450g)  
     Hilsa / Ilish from Kolkata (500g to 600g)  
     Hilsa / Ilish from Kolkata (Large 1kg+)  
     Horse Mackerel / Ayala Para  
     Horse Mackerel / Ayala Para (Small)  
     Indian Halibut / Ayiram Palli  
     Indian Mackerel / Ayala / Bangda (Small)  
     Indian Prawns / Venami  
     Indian Prawns / Venami (Medium)  
     Indian Salmon / Vazhmeen / Raavas / Gurjali (Large)  
     Indian Salmon / Vazhmeen / Raavas / Gurjali (Medium)  
     Indian Scad / Vatta Kanni / Thiriyan  
     Juicy Boneless Croaker / Kora Meen Fillet - 1kg Pack (Freshly Frozen)  
     Juicy Boneless Croaker / Kora Meen Fillet - 200g+ Pack (Freshly Frozen)  
     Juicy Emperor / Eari Fillet - 200g+ Pack (Freshly Frozen)  
     Juicy Indian Tilapia Fillet - 425g Pack (Freshly Frozen)  
     Juicy Red Snapper Fillet - 230g+ Pack (Freshly Frozen)  
     Jumbo Flower Tiger Shrimp (Large)  
     Kallanki / Stripped Croaker / Varayan Kora  
     Katti / Sital / Pankha  
     Kerala Sardine / Naadan Mathi  
     Lady Fish / Kane / Silver Whiting  
     Lady Fish / Kane / Silver Whiting (Small)  
     Large Kanyakumari Sardine / Mathi  
     Large Milk Fish / Pookanni  
     Leather Jacket Fillet (250g Pack)  
     Lobster Scampi / Attukonchu / Jinga / Golda Chingdi (Large)  
     Long Rayed Silver Biddy / Pranjil  
     Mahi Mahi (Small)  
     Mahi Mahi Fish Cubes - 250g Pack (Freshly frozen)  
     Mahi Mahi Fish Fillet - 250g Pack (Freshly frozen)  
     Malabar Thryssa / Manangu  
     Marinated Barracuda / Cheelavu Steak - 250g pack (4 to 6 pieces)  
     Marinated Seer Fish / Surmai / Neymeen Steak - 250g pack (4 to 6 pieces)  
     Marinated Silver Belly / Avoli Mullan - 250g pack  
     Marinated Squid / Koonthal Tentacles - 250g pack  
     Marinated Squid Chunks - 250g pack  
     Marine Black Catfish / Kadal Kaari  
     Marine Boal Fish / Mullu Vaala (Very thorny yet tasty)  
     Marine Catfish / Etta Egg (Roe)  
     Marine Catfish / Etta Kunju  
     Marine Milk Fish / Poomeen (Small)  
     Mix Fish Head and Tail - Curry Cut  
     Mix n Match Fish Combo (Medium) (whole only)  
     Mix n Match Fish Combo (Small)  
     Mix n Match Fish combo / Podimeen (Whole Only)  
     Mixed Fish Egg (Roe)  
     Mixed Fish Head Curry Cut  
     Mola Carplet / Mourala/ Morala / Arinjil  
     Mrigal Mach / Kanni Meen (Large)  
     Mud Crab  
     Mud Crab (Large)  
     Mud Crab (Medium)  
     Mud Crabs / Kekkadaa (700g+)  
     Mullet / Kanambu / Parshe Maach  
     Mullet / Kanambu / Parshe Maach (Small)  
     Natch Karimeen  
     Nawabi Chicken Seekh Kebab (Microwave Ready & Halal Cut) (3 to 4 pieces) (140g to 160g)  
     Nuna Tengra / Guli Tengra / Premium Long Whiskered Catfish / Vellakoori  
     Octopus (100g+)  
     Octopus (Extra Small) (Below 100g)  
     Orange Chromide / Pallathi  
     Orange Chromide / Pallathi / Pathipootta (Small & Crunchy)  
     Pabda Maach / Indian Butter fish / Nachara  
     Paral / Giant Danio  
     Parrot Fish  
     Parrot Fish Fillet - 250g Pack  
     Pearl Spot / Karimeen / Koral (Large)  
     Pearl Spot / Karimeen / Koral (Medium)  
     Pearl Spot / Karimeen / Koral (Small)  
     Pony Fish / Mullan (Large)  
     Pony Fish / Podi Mullan (Extra Small)  
     Premium Albacore Tuna / Neymeen Choora  
     Premium Bream / Kilimeen / Goat Fish  
     Premium Chemmeenkettu Pearlspot Karimeen (Large)  
     Premium Chemmeenkettu Pearlspot Karimeen (Medium)  
     Premium Chemmeenkettu Pearlspot Karimeen (Small)  
     Premium Chicken Dressed without Skin (600g pack)  
     Premium Goat Kidney - Curry Cut 250g Pack  
     Premium Kuttanadan Duck Dressed with Tasty Skin  
     Premium Lake Katla / Karipetty  
     Premium Lamb - Mince  
     Premium Sardine / Mathi  
     Premium Silver Pomfret Chinese  
     Quail / Kaada (Japanese)  
     Queen Fish / Leather Skin Fish  
     Queen fish Fillet - 220g+ Pack (Freshly Frozen)  
     Rainbow Runner / Kadal Poomeen / Premium Milk Fish  
     Red Emperor / Red Eari  
     Red Lobsters (Small)  
     Red Snapper / Chempalli / Rane (Small)  
     Ribbon Fish / Thalayan / Vaala  
     Ribbon Fish / Vaala / Thalayan (Small)  
     Rohu (Large)  
     Round Emperor / Unda Eari  
     Sand Lobster  
     Sand Lobster  
     Sardine / Mathi Egg (Roe)  
     Scampi / Attukonchu / Jinga / Golda Chingdi  
     Seafood Mix (IQF)  
     Seer Fish / Neymeen / Surumai (Small)  
     Seer Fish Head and Tail - Curry Cut (Medium Size)  
     Seer Fish Head Curry Cut  
     Selar Scad  
     Shark (Super Tasty)  
     Shark Fish Head - Curry Cut  
     Shark Liver  
     Shrimp Headless (IQF)  
     Shrimp Scad / Vatta Paara (Small)  
     Shrimp Tail On Block  
     Silk Fish  
     Silver Carp  
     Silver Croaker / Kora  
     Silver Eagle  
     Silver Emperor  
     Silver Mullet / Maalan / Kadal Kanni  
     Silver Pomfret / Avoli (Large)  
     Silver Pomfret / Avoli (Medium)  
     Silver Pomfret / Avoli (Small)  
     Silver Snapper / Cochin Marine Catla  
     Snake Head Fish / Varaal / Bral / Kannan  
     Sole Fish / Manthal / Repti (Large)  
     Sole Fish / Manthal / Repti (Medium)  
     Spanish Seer Fish (Medium)  
     Squid / Koonthal - Rings (250g Pack)  
     Squid / Koonthal - Tentacles (500g Pack)  
     Squid Tentacles (IQF)  
     Striped Pink Perch / Varayan Kilimeen  
     Surgeon Fish / Doctor Fish  
     Sword Fish  
     Tasty Mackerel / Ayala / Bangda - Fillets (Freshly Frozen) (250g Pack)  
     Tasty Sardine / Mathi - Fillet Freshly Frozen (250g Pack)  
     Tender Peking Duck with tasty skin  
     Tengra / Tyangra Mach / Manjakoori  
     Thorny Herring / Thodi  
     Thorny Sardine / Chala-Mathi  
     Thread Finned Bream / Pink Perch / Kilimeen (Extra Small)  
     Tiger Prawn (Super Jumbo)  
     Tiger Prawn (Super Large)  
     Tiger Prawn / Bagda Chingri  
     Tiger Prawns (Large)  
     Tiny Soft-Shelled Prawns / Cheriya Chemmeen (Shell can be eaten directly without peeling)  
     Trevally / Vatta (Medium)  
     Tuna - Loin Cut (250g Pack)  
     Tuna / Choora (Small)  
     White and Orange Prawns / Poovalan Chemmeen  
     White Prawns / Indian Naaran (Large)  
     White Prawns / Indian Naaran (Super Large)  
     White Sardine / Veloori  
     White Snapper / Vela Meen (Small)  
     White Snapper fish Fillet - 230g+ Pack (Freshly Frozen)  
     Yellow Clam  
     Yellow Emperor / Yellow Eari  
     Yellow Pomfret / Valavadi  
     Yellow Snapper  
     Yummy Chicken Dumplings/Momos - Pack of 6  
     Yummy Seer Fish Cutlets (Pack of 3 about 180g+)  

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