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Poultry - Tender & Halal Cut

  • Premium Tender & Antibiotic Free Tandoori Chicken (Skinless)

    ₹129.50 ₹259.00 /500g /Kg
    Straight from the farm - no antibiotics or other bad stuff. Tender & tastier than local market chicken. Halal Cut
  • Premium Boneless Chicken Cubes

    ₹199.00 ₹398.00 /500g /Kg
    Chicken in all its glory, but without bones and juicy to the core. Hassle free - cook directly in the pan after some cursory cleaning.
  • Premium Naturally Reared Slow Growth Chicken Sasso breed (900g to 1kg)

    ₹189.00 ₹378.00 /500g /Kg
    Naturally reared, colored bird belonging to the French breed Sasso with a very sought after taste. This is NOT a country chicken breed but a slow growth chicken, that takes the normal cycles to grow similar to the home grown chicken. Sasso is so tasty that it's farmer swears that his 80 yr old grandfather who stopped eating chicken restarted chicken after tasting the amazing Sassoo! Please note - It may contain neck and liver pieces.
  • Premium Tender and Antibiotic Free Chicken - Curry Cut (Skinless)

    ₹114.00 ₹228.00 /500g /Kg
    Straight from the farm - no antibiotics or other bad stuff. Tender & tastier than local market chicken since the meat weight is less than 1.25kg. Halal Cut
  • Premium Chicken Thigh (Boneless)

    ₹199.00 ₹398.00 /500g /Kg
    The ultimate chicken thighs, tastiest when Tandoor-ed or fried.
  • Quail / Kaada (Japanese) Skinless - Pack of 2

    ₹149.00 ₹149.00 /pack /pack
    Quail is an amazingly tasty meat that has been referenced even in ancient holy scriptures from time immemorial. Relatively low Cholesterol/Fat & healthy meat, Quail is a treasure dove of micronutrients & a wide range of vitamins including the B complex, folate and vitamin A, E and K. Best eaten fried or grilled with the bone
  • Premium Chicken Drumsticks

    ₹169.00 ₹338.00 /500g /Kg
    Drums of heaven literally! Tad heavier than its cousin the lollipop but Mr. Drumstick doesn't mind the weight issues given his large fan base and also better pedigree coming from the leg of the chicken
  • Premium Boneless Chicken Breast Fillet

    ₹199.00 ₹398.00 /500g /Kg
    For people who love the uncomplicated...Pan ready, no hassle form of chicken with zero bones. Heat, steam, fry, grill - Indian, Chinese, Continental - any option will work well with the Mr. Flexible Fillet
  • Premium Chicken Thigh / Whole Leg

    ₹169.00 ₹338.00 /500g /Kg
    The ultimate chicken thighs, much bigger package compared to its cousin the DrumStick which is only the lower portion. The Premium Chicken Thighs, 5 to 6 pieces per kg are tastiest when Tandoor-ed or fried.
  • Premium Chicken Lollipop

    ₹149.50 ₹299.00 /500g /Kg
    Melts in your mouth tender lollipops...Did you know that the lollipop is very similar to its elder cousin the Drumstick except that the lollipop is made from the wing of the chicken and not its legs?
  • Premium Chicken Dressed with Skin - Tender & tastier than local market (`)

    ₹104.00 ₹208.00 /500g /Kg
    Naturally reared birds that are tender and have extremely tasty meat. Absolute guarantee that no anti-biotic residue remains in the chicken. No growth promoters have been used on the birds and these are processed in absolutely modern hygienic conditions in a HACCP & Halal certified processing centre.
  • Premium Chicken Winglets

    ₹139.50 ₹279.00 /500g /Kg
    Makes great Tandoor, Grilled or Fried Chicken Wings. Its the whole package compared to the Lollypop which is just the tip of the wings
  • Free-Range Chicken Gizzard

    ₹99.00 ₹198.00 /500g /Kg
    A serving of chicken gizzards contains a hefty dose of protein, a nutrient necessary for energy production. Cooks often use gizzards as a soup ingredient. You also can grill, fry, barbecue or even pickle them.
  • Premium Fresh Chicken Mince / Kheema

    ₹209.50 ₹419.00 /500g /Kg
    A Kheema by any other name would be just as minced...All the goodness of tender chicken grounded in an easy to cook form. Excellent for curries, cutlets and pastries
  • Premium Chicken Liver

    ₹74.50 ₹149.00 /500g /Kg
    Highly rich in iron, Chicken liver is low in Sodium. It is also a good source of Thiamin, Zinc, Copper and Manganese, and a very good source of Protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12, Pantothenic Acid, Iron, Phosphorus and Selenium.
  • Premium Chicken - Skinless Biryani Cut 70gm+/piece

    ₹119.50 ₹239.00 /500g /Kg
    Hassle free chicken ready for Biryani. These are much bigger than your usual chicken curry cut but still the same great taste
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