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Steak and Fillet - Freshly cut
  • Seer Fish / King Fish / Surmai / Neymeen / Vanjaram (Large) - Steaks (2 to 5 slices)

    ₹641.07 ₹1,282.14 /500g /Kg

    Special Price ₹533.97 ₹1,067.94 /500g /Kg

    No (fish) party is complete without the Seer Fish. King of all fishes - this is a one center bone only, smell-less kind of fish. If you are new to fish - highly recommended to start with the Seer Fish
  • Garfish / Kola (Large) - Steaks

    ₹304.30 ₹608.60 /500g /Kg
    Delicious for both fry and curry pieces
  • Indian Salmon / Vazhmeen / Raavas / Gurjali (Large) - Steaks

    ₹670.40 ₹1,340.80 /500g /Kg
    Indian Salmon/Vazhmeen/ Raavas
  • Sword Fish - Cubes (250g pack)

    ₹211.25 ₹211.25 /pack /pack
    Big sized marine variety with good meat content
  • Silver Pomfret / Avoli (Large) - Steaks 250g Pack

    ₹649.00 ₹649.00 /pack /pack
    Silver Pomfret/ Avoli (Large)
  • Tuna / Choora - Cubes 250g Pack

    ₹212.85 ₹212.85 /pack /pack
    What would the world do without the humble tuna? Easily among the largest consumed food in the world. We provide you the fresh, right off the boat avatar and not the many months old canned variety.It is of Darker pink color meat
  • Black Pomfret / Karutha Avoli (Large) - Steaks (With Skin)

    ₹816.06 ₹1,632.12 /500g /Kg
    Easily one of the most popular fish in India along with its silver cousin. Very fleshy fish with less bones and ideal for most Indian preparations including the Biriyani. If you heard some one calling this fish the Pamflet, then its not a case of bad accent - the original name for this fish comes from the Portuguese name Pampo or Pamflet
  • Shrimp Scad / Vatta Paara - Fillet 250g Pack

    ₹211.25 ₹211.25 /pack /pack
    The most popular marine fish in the seafood industry. Famous for its availability, size, high quality meat and taste.
  • Queen Fish / Leather Skin Fish - Fillet 250g Pack

    ₹245.85 ₹245.85 /pack /pack

    Special Price ₹163.35 ₹163.35 /pack /pack

    Queen Fish / Leather Skin Fish - Fillet 250g Pack
  • Juicy Fresh Sword Fish Steak (250g pack)

    ₹185.90 ₹185.90 /pack /pack
    Big sized marine variety with good meat content
  • Garfish / Kola (Large) - Fillet 250g Pack

    ₹295.35 ₹295.35 /pack /pack
    Delicious for both fry and curry pieces
  • Tilapia / Jalebi Fish (Large) - Fresh Fillets 250g Pack

    ₹260.75 ₹260.75 /pack /pack
    Tilapia is a fish with such a rich history that the Egyptians considered it as a symbol of rebirth and all mummies used to be packed with the Tilapia symbol. In modern times, its taste is so rich that a couple of re-births are worth the Tilapia. Almost all Tilapia available in India are farmed in natural ponds & lakes
  • Black Pomfret / Karutha Avoli (Medium) - Steaks (With Skin)

    ₹746.46 ₹1,492.92 /500g /Kg
    Great tasting Black Pomfret
  • Cobia / Motha - Steaks

    ₹593.25 ₹1,186.50 /500g /Kg
    Cobia/ Motha - Steaks
  • Cobia / Motha - Steaks 250g Pack

    ₹339.00 ₹339.00 /pack /pack
    The Cobia or Motha is a fish very similar in looks and single bone like the seer fish. True Fish Connoisseurs rate this fish at par or better than the Seer. Very soft flesh
  • Leather Jacket - Fillet 250g Pack

    ₹245.85 ₹245.85 /pack /pack
    Leather Jacket is a weird looking fish but pretty tasty and widely sought after in the coasts. It has a thick skin which if removed reveals pretty tasty soft flesh.
  • Silver Pomfret / Avoli (Medium) - Steaks 250g Pack (Medium 100gm - 300gm)

    ₹599.00 ₹599.00 /pack /pack
    Good taste and white meat
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