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Celebrating Steak and Fillet Festival - Freshly cut

  • Juicy Fresh Sword Fish Steak (250g pack)

    ₹203.13 ₹203.13 /pack /pack
    Big sized marine variety with good meat content
  • Mahi Mahi Fish - Cubes (250g pack)

    ₹241.50 ₹241.50 /pack /pack
    Mahi looks very flat and almost unlike a regular fish, but the taste is just OMG out of the world
  • Indian Salmon / Vazhmeen / Raavas / Gurjali (Large) - Steaks

    ₹596.00 ₹1,192.00 /500g /Kg
    Indian Salmon/Vazhmeen/ Raavas
  • Trevally / Vatta (Large) - Steaks 300g Pack

    ₹253.65 ₹253.65 /pack /pack
    The Mr. T of the oceans - Very fleshy with few bones - ideal for biriyani preparations and fries, grills & curry
  • Mahi Mahi - Fillet 250g Pack

    ₹284.63 ₹284.63 /pack /pack
    The Mahi Mahi is a very tasty fish that is generally used to make boneless Fish Fillets. Mahi looks very flat and almost unlike a regular fish, but the taste is just OMG out of the world. Mahi also has a very neutral non-fish like smell and very less bones, so is generally a fish of choice for most five star restaurants in their continental or chinese cuisines.
  • Indian Baasa / Pangasius - Boneless Fillet 500g Pack

    ₹278.85 ₹278.85 /pack /pack
    Cultured freshwater variety in India which is having a great demand, especially for its fillets.
  • Sword Fish - Cubes (250g pack)

    ₹243.75 ₹243.75 /pack /pack
    Big sized marine variety with good meat content
  • Spanish Seer Fish (Large) - Steaks

    ₹455.18 ₹910.35 /500g /Kg
    Seer Fish ( Spanish ) - Steaks

Freshly Frozen

  • Yellow Fin Tuna - Loin Cut (250g Pack)

    ₹225.00 ₹225.00 /pack /pack
    What would the world do without the humble tuna? Easily among the largest consumed food in the world. We provide you the fresh, right off the boat avatar and not the many months old canned variety
  • Grouper / Reef Cod Fillet Freshly Frozen (250g Pack)

    ₹249.00 ₹249.00 /pack /pack

    Special Price ₹199.00 ₹199.00 /pack /pack

    Grouper & it's cousin the Hammour will probably be the national fish of the Arab world. Doesn't win a beauty contest but wins our award for the top 10 tastiest fish thanks to its super tasty soft meat with less bones
  • Tasty Mackerel / Ayala / Bangda - Fillets (Freshly Frozen) (250g Pack)

    ₹135.00 ₹135.00 /pack /pack

    Special Price ₹99.00 ₹99.00 /pack /pack

    The mackerel is one of the most abused fish by the local market as its often shined in ammonia given its very soft & decay prone nature. Our mackerels in comparison will actually look more tame but the taste will be nothing like what you have eaten in the local market - most of our customers have written to us as they rediscover the mackerel from their childhood days when things were fresh - if you experience this, please let us know
    NOTE: May include small and tiny bones.
  • Juicy Indian Tilapia Fillet - 220g+ Pack (Freshly Frozen)

    ₹149.00 ₹149.00 /pack /pack
    Tilapia is a fish with such a rich history that the Egyptians considered it as a symbol of rebirth and all mummies used to be packed with the Tilapia symbol. In modern times, its taste is so rich that a couple of re-births are worth the Tilapia. The Fillet is wild caught, chemical free and freshly frozen
  • Sail Fish / Ola Meen Fillets - 250g pack (Freshly Frozen)

    ₹255.00 ₹255.00 /pack /pack

    Special Price ₹149.00 ₹149.00 /pack /pack

    Very large fish with a really hard & layered Meat
  • Fresh Crab Meat - 235g to 250g Pack (Freshly Frozen)

    ₹225.00 ₹225.00 /pack /pack
    Fresh Crab Meat
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