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Steak and Fillet - Freshly cut
  • Grey Mullet / Thirutha - Steaks

    ₹478.08 /500g

    ₹382.08 /500g

    The Grey Mullet or Thirutha as its known in the Southern Coasts is an amazing fish that is generally found in both the fresh water and also in the slightly salty waters in the estuaries. This one is a real killer when it comes to the taste and is very sought after for delicious fish curries and fries. Has small bones, but also has a pretty soft flesh. People have often wondered why this fish is called Grey since its really silver-ish white in color - but as they say why bother about the color when the taste is amazing!
  • Fresh Indian Baasa / Pangasius - Boneless Fillet 500g Pack

    ₹285.00 /pack
    Cultured freshwater variety in India which is having a great demand, especially for its fillets.
  • Seer Fish / King Fish / Surmai / Neymeen / Vanjaram (Large) - Steaks (2 to 5 slices)

    ₹579.87 /500g
    No (fish) party is complete without the Seer Fish. King of all fishes - this is a one center bone only, smell-less kind of fish. If you are new to fish - highly recommended to start with the Seer Fish
  • Spanish Seer Fish (Large) - Steaks

    ₹442.17 /500g
    Seer Fish ( Spanish ) - Steaks
  • Silver Pomfret / Avoli (Large) - Steaks 250g Pack

    ₹599.00 /pack

    ₹499.00 /pack

    Silver Pomfret/ Avoli (Large)
  • Indian Salmon / Vazhmeen / Raavas / Gurjali (Large) - Steaks

    ₹558.40 /500g
    Indian Salmon/Vazhmeen/ Raavas
  • Silver Pomfret / Avoli (Medium) - Steaks 250g Pack

    ₹449.00 /pack

    ₹399.00 /pack

    Good taste and white meat
  • Fresh Mahi Mahi Fish - Cubes (250g pack)

    ₹278.85 /pack
    Mahi looks very flat and almost unlike a regular fish, but the taste is just OMG out of the world
  • Anchovy / Natholi (Large) - Fillets 250g Pack

    ₹211.25 /pack
    Easily the most common & among the most tastiest marine fish in the world. Found in almost all seas around the planet, this is a gift from mother nature with abundant Vitamin A, D & Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Tastes great regardless of how you cook it, although our personal choice is lightly cooked gravy in coconut milk
  • Fresh Indian Baasa / Pangasius - Boneless Fillet 250g Pack

    ₹150.00 /pack
    This true swadeshi product has rose coloured meat and is nothing like the frozen, many months old, bleached white Vietnam Baasa available in retail stores. Has a lot of tasty & healthy fish oil and doesn't really require extra oil for cooking
  • Marine Milk Fish / Poomeen (Large) - Steaks 250g Pack

    ₹197.10 /pack
    National fish of the Philippines - large, meaty and tasty, very popular in India as well. Very hard to catch this fish - its the 'Ferrari' of the marine world
  • Queen Fish / Leather Skin Fish - Fillet 250g Pack

    ₹206.25 /pack
    Queen Fish / Leather Skin Fish - Fillet 250g Pack
  • Finletted Mackerel / Kanni Ayala - Fillet 250g Pack

    ₹177.45 /pack

    ₹145.95 /pack

    A fish that is in the same lineage as the Mackerel but slightly different in taste. Very common in the coasts and generally consumed there before coming to the big cities. Very tasty for both curries and fries
  • Shrimp Scad / Vatta Paara - Fillet 250g Pack

    ₹236.25 /pack

    ₹186.25 /pack

    The most popular marine fish in the seafood industry. Famous for its availability, size, high quality meat and taste.
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