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Marine Fish - Cleaned Options Available

  • Marine Catfish / Etta Koori (Medium) (400g to 1kg)

    ₹169.50 ₹339.00 /500g /Kg
    A very tasty version of the catfish but found in the sea. Mr. Moustachy catfish is sought after for its meat, eggs & interestingly the head
  • Grouper / Reef Cod / Kalava (Small) (100g - 250g)

    ₹197.50 ₹395.00 /500g /Kg
    Grouper & it's cousin the Hammour will probably be the national fish of the Arab world. Doesn't win a beauty contest but wins our award for the top 10 tastiest fish thanks to its super tasty soft meat with less bones
  • Premium Sardine / Mathi (Small) (40+ Count/kg)

    ₹80.00 ₹160.00 /500g /Kg

    Special Price ₹69.00 ₹138.00 /500g /Kg

    One of the cheapest yet the most tastiest of our entire fish collection...Has soft/chewable bones, but what an amazing taste!
  • Grey Mullet / Thirutha (1kg+)

    ₹199.00 ₹398.00 /500g /Kg
    The Grey Mullet or Thirutha as its known in the Southern Coasts is an amazing fish that is generally found in both the fresh water and also in the slightly salty waters in the estuaries. This one is a real killer when it comes to the taste and is very sought after for delicious fish curries and fries. Has small bones, but also has a pretty soft flesh. People have often wondered why this fish is called Grey since its really silver-ish white in color - but as they say why bother about the color when the taste is amazing!
  • Thread Finned Bream / Kilimeen / Sankara Meen (Large) (150g+)

    ₹169.00 ₹338.00 /500g /Kg
    Growing up the Pink Perch was always bullied by the Red Snapper for her looks. But with sheer hard work, the Pink Perch rose to the top and is thinner, bonier, tastier and widely available across all Indian coasts
  • Barracuda / Cheelavu (Small) (200g+)

    ₹179.00 ₹358.00 /500g /Kg

    Special Price ₹149.50 ₹299.00 /500g /Kg

    A marine fish having high protein content in the meat and very tasty. This one is a ferocious and hard to catch fish - it even has a software company named after it given its legacy of never giving up!
  • Tuna / Choora (900g to 2kg)

    ₹139.00 ₹278.00 /500g /Kg

    Special Price ₹129.00 ₹258.00 /500g /Kg

    What would the world do without the humble tuna? Easily among the largest consumed food in the world. We provide you the fresh, right off the boat avatar and not the many months old canned variety.It is of Darker pink color meat
  • Kada Varaal / Lizard Fish

    ₹124.00 ₹248.00 /500g /Kg

    Special Price ₹99.50 ₹199.00 /500g /Kg

    Kada Varaal or the Lizard Fish may list prominently in our unique looking fish list, but people who have tasted it can tell you that its pretty tasty and a really good fish for curries in particular. Found in most coasts across India
  • Big Eye Snapper

    ₹119.00 ₹238.00 /500g /Kg

    Special Price ₹99.00 ₹198.00 /500g /Kg

    A tasty snapper which looks very beautiful, so much so that it is said that a leading female movie actor was named after this fish (wait...or was it the other way around?). In any case, tastes great. This fish will be processed skinless and its meat will resemble mince meat post processing
  • Shrimp Scad / Vatta Paara (100g to 200g)

    ₹174.50 ₹349.00 /500g /Kg
    This fish has nothing to do with Shrimps, but for some reason had to live with its name. A really good fish, prominently feature in the herring category and is amazing for curries, fries or grill. Very common in coasts across India and part of the staple fish basket
  • Grouper / Reef Cod / Kalava (Medium) (300gm - 2 kg)

    ₹189.00 ₹378.00 /500g /Kg
    Grouper & it's cousin the Hammour will probably be the national fish of the Arab world. Doesn't win a beauty contest but wins our award for the top 10 tastiest fish thanks to its super tasty soft meat with less bones
  • Finletted Mackerel / Kanni Ayala (Medium / Large) (6+ Count/kg)

    ₹119.00 ₹238.00 /500g /Kg
    A fish that is in the same lineage as the Mackerel but slightly different in taste. Very common in the coasts and generally consumed there before coming to the big cities. Very tasty for both curries and fries
  • White Snapper / Vela Meen (1kg to 4kg)

    ₹219.00 ₹438.00 /500g /Kg

    Special Price ₹199.50 ₹399.00 /500g /Kg

    Beautiful fish - literally and taste wise belonging to the elite Snapper family. Like most Snappers - very meaty, super tasty and less bones. Large fish in general
  • Sword Fish (9kg to 26kg)

    ₹179.00 ₹358.00 /500g /Kg

    Special Price ₹159.20 ₹318.40 /500g /Kg

    Amazing fish - much larger than Seer Fish, yet looks and tastes similar with single bone only. Considered Gourmet food and extremely expensive in Europe and US, but not very common in India and hence lower prices. Amazing for Fries or biriyani. Grills Like A Seer Fish - not great for curries. Has a fair amount of good healthy fish oil and hence makes excellent Grill
  • Eel / Mananjil (500g to 2 kg)

    ₹189.00 ₹378.00 /500g /Kg

    Special Price ₹124.50 ₹249.00 /500g /Kg

    Rarely found delicacy, used in traditional medicine
  • Emperor / Eari (300g - 1.2 kg)

    ₹239.00 ₹478.00 /500g /Kg

    Special Price ₹219.00 ₹438.00 /500g /Kg

    The Emperor or Sheri as its called in the Middle East is simply the King of Kings in the fish world (in terms of taste). Majestic in all sense to look at (and eat). Highly sought after. A common menu item in most luxury hotels. Large & fleshy meat - the King of Fish does come in Fifty different Shades - Grey, Silver, Yellow, Classic.. This one is the Classic Emperor
  • Black Snapper / Karipetti (2kg+)

    ₹174.00 ₹348.00 /500g /Kg
    Quiet the snapper - black in color, majestic looking and very soft meat. Larger fish in general and amazing for grills, curries or fries
  • Indian Salmon / Vazhmeen / Raavas / Gurjali (Large) (2kg to 4kg)

    ₹389.00 ₹778.00 /500g /Kg
    Indian Salmon/Vazhmeen/ Raavas
  • Mahi Mahi (4kg to 6kg)

    ₹189.00 ₹378.00 /500g /Kg
    The Mahi Mahi is a very tasty fish that is generally used to make boneless Fish Fillets. Mahi looks very flat and almost unlike a regular fish, but the taste is just OMG out of the world. Mahi also has a very neutral non-fish like smell and very less bones, so is generally a fish of choice for most five star restaurants in their continental or chinese cuisines.
  • Garfish / Kola (Large) (1.5kg to 2.5kg)

    ₹189.00 ₹378.00 /500g /Kg

    Special Price ₹129.50 ₹259.00 /500g /Kg

    A very tasty fish found in the Arabian sea - delicious for both fry and curry pieces especially the larger ones. Fun fact - Gar fish can jump up to 2 meters
  • Indian Mackerel / Ayala / Bangda (Large) (8+ Count)

    ₹119.00 ₹238.00 /500g /Kg
    The mackerel is one of the most abused fish by the local market as its often shined in ammonia given its very soft & decay prone nature. Our mackerels in comparison will actually look more tame but the taste will be nothing like what you have eaten in the local market - most of our customers have written to us as they rediscover the mackerel from their childhood days when things were fresh - if you experience this, please let us know
  • Grouper / Reef Cod / Kalava (Large) (3kg to 4kg)

    ₹249.00 ₹498.00 /500g /Kg
    Grouper & it's cousin the Hammour will probably be the national fish of the Arab world. Doesn't win a beauty contest but wins our award for the top 10 tastiest fish thanks to its super tasty soft meat with less bones
  • Horse Mackerel / Ayala Para (100g to 150g)

    ₹119.00 ₹238.00 /500g /Kg
    A reasonably common fish found in the coasts - very tasty for both curries and fries
  • Thread Finned Bream / Pink Perch / Kilimeen (Extra Small) (20+ Count/kg)

    ₹109.00 ₹218.00 /500g /Kg

    Special Price ₹99.50 ₹199.00 /500g /Kg

    Growing up the Pink Perch was always bullied by the Red Snapper for her looks. But with sheer hard work, the Pink Perch rose to the top and is thinner, bonier, tastier and widely available across all Indian coasts
  • Yellow Fin Tuna (4kg+)

    ₹164.00 ₹328.00 /500g /Kg

    Special Price ₹139.00 ₹278.00 /500g /Kg

    What would the world do without the humble tuna? Easily among the largest consumed food in the world. We provide you the fresh, right off the boat avatar and not the many months old canned variety. The Yellow Fin variety is a very premium sub species of the regular Tuna, so much so, that it is used in Sashimi preparations at Japanese restaurants
  • White Fish / False Trevally / Parava

    ₹199.00 ₹398.00 /500g /Kg
    Small bony fish that makes amazing curries and is a staple part of most fish curries in south India. Good for fries as well especially when deep fried so that the bones are chewable
  • White Sardine / Veloori

    ₹142.50 ₹285.00 /500g /Kg
    Small & crunchy fish with high nutritional value, good fatty acid content and a good source of Vitamins. Distant cousin of the Anchovy, twice removed
  • Sail Fish / Ola Meen (5kg to 15kg)

    ₹162.50 ₹325.00 /500g /Kg

    Special Price ₹149.50 ₹299.00 /500g /Kg

    Very large fish with a really hard Meat. Wont work for curries or grills which require soft flesh, but its amazingly good for Meat Roasts, Pickles, Dry Fries that require the fish to be cooked in a pressure cooker. Since we don't sell beef or pork, our general recommendation for customers wanting those items is to substitute with the sail fish.
  • Marine Milk Fish / Poomeen (Large) (1kg to 2kg)

    ₹229.00 ₹458.00 /500g /Kg
    National fish of the Philippines - large, meaty and tasty, very popular in India as well. Very hard to catch this fish - its the 'Ferrari' of the marine world
  • Yellow Snapper (150g 250g)

    ₹169.00 ₹338.00 /500g /Kg
    Low in fat and a good source of vitamin B6, potassium and phosphorous
  • Trevally / Vatta (Large) (4kg to 7.5kg)

    ₹239.00 ₹478.00 /500g /Kg
    The Mr. T of the oceans - Very fleshy with few bones - ideal for biriyani preparations and fries, grills & curry
  • Black Pomfret / Karutha Avoli (Large) (900g to 1.2kg)

    ₹439.00 ₹878.00 /500g /Kg
    Easily one of the most popular fish in India along with its silver cousin. Very fleshy fish with less bones and ideal for most Indian preparations including the Biriyani. If you heard some one calling this fish the Pamflet, then its not a case of bad accent - the original name for this fish comes from the Portuguese name Pampo or Pamflet
  • Ribbon Fish / Thalayan / Vaala (500g to 1kg)

    ₹179.00 ₹358.00 /500g /Kg
    Elongated laterally compressed body with white meat. Mainly marketed frozen packs in international market, but through Freshtohome it get delivered fresh at your door steps
  • Silver Mullet / Maalan / Kadal Kanni (2kg+)

    ₹124.50 ₹249.00 /500g /Kg
    Very tasty Marine fish
  • Red Snapper / Chempalli / Rane (Large) (3.5kg to 5kg)

    ₹279.00 ₹558.00 /500g /Kg
    If there were a Miss Universe competition for fish, Red Snapper would definitely win hands down. Very very tasty fish with soft flesh which can be made in to a fillet easily
  • Long Rayed Silver Biddy / Pranjil (20+ Count /kg)

    ₹239.00 ₹478.00 /500g /Kg
    Small, bony and oval fish that is highly sought after for fish curries & fries. A staple part of the rice & fish curry combo's offered in the coastal towns. Crunchy & Brunchy, aka eat for breakfast with puttu & for lunch with rice in South India
  • Seer Fish / Surmai / Neymeen (Large) (8kg to 10kg)

    ₹419.00 ₹838.00 /500g /Kg
    No (fish) party is complete without the Seer Fish. King of all fishes - this is a one center bone only, smell-less kind of fish. If you are new to fish - highly recommended to start with the Seer Fish
  • Cobia / Motha (Similar to Seer Fish, Some Say That It Tastes Better) (3.5kg to 5kg)

    ₹299.00 ₹598.00 /500g /Kg
    The Cobia or Motha is a fish very similar in looks and single bone like the seer fish. True Fish Connoisseurs rate this fish at par or better than the Seer. Very soft flesh - makes great curries or fries
  • Shark (Super Tasty)

    ₹249.00 ₹498.00 /500g /Kg
    Full of meat, very little bones...A well known hollywood star starring mainly in villain roles, but a thorough gentleman when it comes to taste. Shark meat is clean bone free meat & very tasty!

Shell Fish - Cleaned Options Available

  • White Prawns / Indian Naaran (30+count/kg)

    ₹389.00 ₹778.00 /500g /Kg
    Simply the best prawns in the world - hands down. The Naaran's are a very well kept secret in the fish exports world commanding a large price & generally exported. These are wild caught from the southern coasts of India
  • Premium Wild Caught Prawn / Jhinga / Kazhanthan (80+ Count/kg)

    ₹279.00 ₹558.00 /500g /Kg
    Fresh Prawns caught directly from the sea - no chemicals, ammonia, whatsoever! Premium quality
  • Sea Crab (70g+)

    ₹149.00 ₹298.00 /500g /Kg
    A Crab a day keeps the ... Sea Crabs can be blue, brown or red but just as tasty
  • Flower Tiger Shrimp (35+ Count/kg)

    ₹369.00 ₹738.00 /500g /Kg

    Special Price ₹349.50 ₹699.00 /500g /Kg

    This is strictly speaking not a Tiger Prawn, but a different species of prawn that is simply a work of art with equally rich taste
  • Clam Meat / Kakka (Large)

    ₹224.00 ₹448.00 /500g /Kg
    Clam Meat / Kakka (Large)
  • Squid / Koonthal

    ₹229.50 ₹459.00 /500g /Kg
    Rated best in India by all our expat customers who are true connoisseurs of this boneless wonder. Eat as Rings, tubes or whole - taste is just marvellous. Did you know that the freshness of a squid is best when the little red dots are very dense and close to each other?
  • Clam Meat / Kakka (Extra Small)

    ₹139.00 ₹278.00 /500g /Kg
    The Clam is probably our smallest "fish" and yet one of our most tastiest. Its pure indulgence especially if prepared in the traditional spicy roast or fried form.
  • Blue Swimming Crab (200g+)

    ₹259.00 ₹518.00 /500g /Kg
    Red, Yellow, White, Black...Crabs come in all colors and sizes but the Blue Swimming Crab is the finest and most tastiest among all marine crabs. It is only rivalled by its Land Cousin - the Mud Crab. This work of art is bought to you fresh from the nearby coast - Enjoy!

Freshwater Fish - Cleaned Options Available

  • Barramundi / Bhetki / Asian Seabass / Kalanji (Large) (2.5kg+)

    ₹329.00 ₹658.00 /500g /Kg
    A fresh water with numerous names depending on where its caught from. This large fish is at the top of the fresh water fish food chain except for the Hilsa. Curry it, grill it or fry it but you can't find a fault with it
  • Silver Carp

    ₹149.00 ₹298.00 /500g /Kg
    Freshwater Silver Carp, 100gm+ each size
  • Catla (1kg+)

    ₹99.00 ₹198.00 /500g /Kg
    The common man's fish - meaty and tasty, yet sought after by the kings and philosophers. It is said that a certain grey bearded Bengali philosopher understood the meaning of life after eating this fish.
  • Paral / Giant Danio (200g to 700g)

    ₹187.50 ₹375.00 /500g /Kg

    Special Price ₹124.50 ₹249.00 /500g /Kg

    This fish is pretty hard to get in the cities - primarily limited to the smaller fresh water bodies where it is a pretty common fish. Superb taste either curried or fried and is very much sought after.
  • River Sole / Vaka Varal (150g - 3 kg)

    ₹199.00 ₹398.00 /500g /Kg
    Fresh water fish having elongated round body and possess meat with good flavor.
  • Rupchanda / Roopchand (500g to 1.5kg)

    ₹99.00 ₹198.00 /500g /Kg
    Fish with good meat quality & great taste found commonly across almost all parts of India. Inspite of being a commoner, the Roopchand is a model when it comes to looks and taste.
  • Freshwater Mullet / Kayal Kanni (200g - 350g)

    ₹174.50 ₹349.00 /500g /Kg
    Very tasty Freshwater fish
  • Glass Spot / Banda

    ₹149.00 ₹298.00 /500g /Kg
    Among the most commonly eaten fresh water fish in the country
  • Backwater Mix Fish (Small)

    ₹134.50 ₹269.00 /500g /Kg
    Mix n Match is the flavour of the season - want to try a number of fish all small, relatively bony but great for curry & fries. Try our Mix and Match combo. Note the actual fish may vary from the one in the picture
  • False Tilapia / Jalebi Fish

    ₹119.00 ₹238.00 /500g /Kg
    A common fish from fresh and brackish water bodies.
  • Tengra / Tyangra Mach / Manjakoori (100g - 400g)

    ₹169.00 ₹338.00 /500g /Kg
    A very tasty version of the catfish
  • Fresh Indian Baasa / Pangasius

    ₹79.00 ₹158.00 /500g /Kg
    This true swadeshi product has rose coloured meat and is nothing like the frozen, many months old, bleached white Vietnam Baasa available in retail stores. Has a lot of tasty & healthy fish oil and doesn't really require extra oil for cooking
  • Rohu (800gms+)

    ₹94.50 ₹189.00 /500g /Kg
    "Rohu, oh my Rohu - How Humble Thy Visage" - as the Poet said. The Rohu maintains a very low profile in spite of being the king of Carps in India. Don't be fooled by its humble exterior - explore a bit deeper and you will realise that this is one of the most nutritious fish in our collection, rich in Vitamin C and equally rich in taste. Among the most commonly eaten fish in the country
  • Boal Fish / Attu Vaala / Malli (600g to 2kg)

    ₹229.00 ₹458.00 /500g /Kg
    Fresh water catfish variety
  • Tilapia (200gm+)

    ₹139.00 ₹278.00 /500g /Kg
    Tilapia is a fish with such a rich history that the Egyptians considered it as a symbol of rebirth and all mummies used to be packed with the Tilapia symbol. In modern times, its taste is so rich that a couple of re-births are worth the Tilapia. Almost all Tilapia available in India are farmed in natural ponds & lakes
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