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Large Milk Fish / Pookanni


₹219.00 ₹438.00 /500g /Kg

Special Price ₹182.50 ₹365.00 /500g /Kg

Large, meaty and tasty, very popular fish across many parts of Asia. The Milk Fish and its many cousins are very much in demand due to its soft flesh - so much as so that one of its cousins just won the nomination as the national fish of the Philippines - don't believe us, google and find out for yourselves.

Large Milk Fish / Pookanni (1.2kg to 1.8kg)

  1. Large Milk Fish / Pookanni - Curry Cut (may include head pieces)

    Curry Cut (may include head pieces)

    Curry Cut (may include head pieces)

    Out of stock

  2. Large Milk Fish / Pookanni - Whole
  3. Large Milk Fish / Pookanni - Whole Cleaned

    Whole Cleaned

    Whole Cleaned

    Out of stock

An edible fish from sea, estuary and rivers, which is a delicacy in the domestic markets.

Please note that unlike the fish market where the cutting happens on the whole fish that you take (and thus appears free), we actually charge you only for the final weight post cutting, so a fish that is cut will be much larger in final eatable weight than a whole fish. Here are the general kinds of cuts available

  • No Special Options or Whole: Fresh fish washed and packed as a whole.
  • Fillet : Meat from the lateral sides of the fish is chopped and packed as boneless pieces. You will receive two pieces of boneless meat from each fish.
  • Curry cut: Meat is chopped into small pieces which are ready to cook, either for preparing curry or to be fried
  • Whole Cleaned: Scales removed or Skin-out as appropriate. Fish is cut with part of the head intact, meat is cleaned, but not cut in to smaller pieces. Pan-ready and readied to be fried as a whole in case of medium size fish
  • Steaks:  Cleaned whole fish is cut into good size pieces (steaks) so that all you have to do is just put it in the pan and...
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